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Plevin & Unfair commissions

PPI U-turn as 1.2 million REJECTED claimants could be in line for compensation after all - to the tune of billions

12 July 2018
PPI Plevin Unfair commissions
unfair commission

Claim before 29/08/2019 even if a previous claim has been rejected

The scale of the scandal is vast with an estimated 64 million policies mis-sold - but now new rules mean even those who have been rejected, could be in line for money back over hidden commission rates.

On Tuesday, financial regulator the FCA will begin the final countdown for PPI claims.

After August 29 2019, you'll no longer be able to make a complaint - even if you think you might be owed money.

As part of the countdown, the FCA has also widened the window for customers who might be eligible for compensation - even if they weren't initially miss-sold.

This means many customers who were previously rejected, could be in line for money back. 

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