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Mobile phone 'bill shock' driving victims into debt

Charity says 130,000 people contacted it last year for help with unexpected high bills, often caused by error or roaming charges

19 March 2014
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Citizens Advice has called on the UK's mobile phone providers to do more to tackle the growing problem of "bill shock" before Saturday's World Consumer Rights Day, which is highlighting the poor treatment 7 billion mobile users around the world often receive.

The charity said 130,000 consumers contacted it in 2013 to seek advice about unexpectedly high mobile phone bills, which in many cases are driving victims into serious debt.

Bill shocks mostly occur when users take their phone abroad, and are unaware of the higher roaming data charges they face. At home, billing and contract errors caused by the providers, or users falling victim to scams, are another big source. Other mobile users have faced huge bills run up by thieves – in some cases in excess of £10,000 – after their handset was stolen, and they were unaware it had gone.


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