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Pets insured before people

The UK may be a nation of animal lovers but research has revealed just how true this sentiment is, with Friends Life finding that people are more likely to insure their pets than themselves.

17 March 2014

In fact, even smartphone insurance comes ahead of the likes of health insurance or income protection, and whilst it's admirable that consumers are preparing for unexpected costs it's time they thought about their own protection too.

Looking closer at the figures, based on a survey of 2,000 respondents, it was found that people are almost twice as likely to hold pet insurance (21% having such a policy) than they are to have critical illness cover (held by just 12% of those polled), despite family and health topping the list of the things most important to them.

In fact, 87% of respondents fail to be insured for a serious or life-changing injury, while just 9% had any form of income protection.


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