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Citizens Advice Bureau research reveals number of people struggling to buy food.

One in 50 clients going to the Citizens Advice Bureau didn’t have enough money for food, with the issue raised more than 1300 times in just three months.

30 April 2014
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New analysis by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has highlighted the reality lived by thousands of people in Scotland.

Between January and March this year, the issue of not having enough money to buy food was raised 1311 times by clients. That equates to one in every 50 Citizens Advice Bureau clients.

However, CAS said the actual number of clients needing to help to put food on the table is likely to be higher than that figure as a total of 11 CAB across the country are still to report their statistics from January to March 2014.

In the first nine months of 2013/14, clients sought advice on 2260 new sanctions issues at Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau.

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