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Health Check Process

Our Process

This is our simple 6 stage process for our Financial Health Check.

  • Your Goals
  • Your Information
  • Needs & Analysis
  • Suitability Assessment
  • Implimentation
  • Regular Reviews

1. Your goals

We establish your financial goals, personal circumstances, approach to money management and concerns that you may have.

2. Your information

We collect all relevant personal, household and financial data to complete your Financial Health-check.

Where available, we will review your Experian credit file with you and explain the different data sets and how these are relevant to your future credit worthiness. We fully explain our Data Protection and Privacy policies.

3. Needs & Analysis

We assess your current position and how you have arrived there, with the intention of making recommendations on the type of products & services that will best suit your needs.

Our overriding aim is to increase your disposable income.

4. Suitability Assessment

Having identified potential products & services with you, we need to assess your attitudes to risk and how this affect  your preferences. This is particularly true in selecting debt solutions.

5. Implementation

You decide whether to act now or whether review the action plan set out my the MoneySave advisor.

We are able to set-up bank accounts, switch your energy provider, change general insurers  over the phone or on-line at the meeting.

We can complete the paperwork to initiate PPI reclaims at the meeting and, if applicable, deal with any debt problems that you may be experiencing.

6. Regular reviews

We aim to meet you on an on-going basis, which may be a requirement of some of the  products & services that we provide.

We can assess progress on your overall financial plan and any changes in circumstances and actions required by either you or MoneySave Solutions.

Credit Report

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Why choose Moneysave?

Why choose Moneysave?

  • We offer a free financial health check
  • We offer you a free Experian credit report
  • We have helped thousands of clients with their banking problems


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