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  • We can explore your goals and objectives
  • Tailor a financial strategy specific to your long-term financial needs.
  • On-going on-line access to your Experian credit file.

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Financial Health Check

The ‘Financial Health-check’ explores your goals and objectives so that we can tailor a financial strategy specific to your long-term financial needs. As a client of MoneySave, this includes on-going on-line access to your Experian credit file.

Our aim is to provide an accurate assessment of your financial status from the outset of our relationship and to assess your vulnerability to identity fraud and irresponsible or non-competitive credit marketing.

Our ‘Financial Health-check’ process is broken down into a series of stages which focus on ensuring we complete a detailed review of your current position and arrangements.

If you are happy with our recommendations then we will help you complete the relevant paperwork and set in motion the products and services that make up your
financial plan.

MoneySave Solutions has established a number of preferred partnership arrangements either directly or through a subsidiary of the group to offer a wide range of products and services to allow customers to regain controlof their finances and save money on a wide range of essential and lifestyle expenditure items that make up the household or small business budget.

  • Offer a wide range of financial management services through regulated regional advisors supported up by our experienced telephone support team
  • To fully review your financial situation and help you take control of your finances
  • To help you save money on large and essential household or business expenditure items to reduce cost or improve protection, for example: Mortgage payments, HP payments, everyday insurance premiums, energy/fuel costs, debt repayments, banking costs and business expenses
  • Offer excellent value and service even if you have credit impairment
  • To give all-round debt advice on possible debt solutions, where applicable, ensuring the family, home and valued possessions are protected as far as is possible
  • Demonstrate that we understand the financial needs of self-employed/small business owners and service their needs

We are able to identify ways of increasing your disposable income or receiving one off payments:
  • By making PPI reclaims on your behalf where you feel that you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance 
  • By reviewing your life insurance & income protection needs 
  • By assessing whether we could reduce your insurance costs 
  • By switching you to a lower energy tariff 
  • By switching your current account 
  • By maximising your income and assessing your benefit entitlements

MoneySave’s core ethos is about building long-term relationships with clients based upon their needs at any point in time.

By offering a very personal ‘Financial Health-check’ service at a local geographic level, which typically includes regular contact and client review meetings at least annually, we aim to build trust and confidence that we will be able to meet this challenge. 

We aim to treat customers fairly and act in their best interests based upon any changes in circumstance that we are able to deal with. We aim to be totally fair and transparent at all times, especially with regard to any fees that we may charge for our services. If we do not live up to your expectation then we will be give you details of how to complain and access to independent redress if we are not able to amicably resolve the problem. We are subject to different regulators and these will be clearly communicated from the outset.

Health Check Process

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Credit Report

We’ve teamed up with Experian to bring you unlimited access to CreditExpert their online credit monitoring and identify fraud protection service - helping you learn more about your credit profile.

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