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If you live in Scotland, then you may already know that Sequestration is the term for Bankruptcy.

What is Sequestration? 

Just like Bankruptcy in the rest of the UK, Sequestration could help people in Scotland clear debts if they can no longer afford to repay their lenders.

Sequestration should always be a last resort when dealing with debt because of the affect it can have on your life. For example assets you own like your home or car, may be sold to help repay your lenders.

MoneySave Solutions has specialist partners in Scotland who can help any clients looking for advice concerning this type of debt solution.

For some people it is the right solution, but we would always say that it is best to discuss your debt problems, which could be resolved with an alternative Debt Management Plan or a Protected Trust Deed.

If you’d like to talk about your money worries with an experienced advisor in the privacy of your home, please get in touch; we’ll be happy to help you.

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