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Packaged Bank Account Reclaims (PBA's)

Do you have a bank account for which you pay a monthly fee?   If you were mis-sold a packaged bank account then you are entitled to reclaim your financial losses.

Together, let’s WIN BACK what you are owed.

Can I make a claim . . . How do I know if I have been mis-sold my PBA?

There are many reasons why a PBA may have been mis-sold. 

If you agree with one or more of the following statements below it is highly likely MoneySave Solutions can help you to make a claim for financial compensation.

  • The PBA account was automatically ‘upgraded’ without you providing consent.
  • You were not offered an alternative free account.
  • Your bank did not check your circumstances to see if you qualified to use the ‘inclusive benefits’.
  • You attempted to make a claim on the policy only to find out that you were not covered.
  • You did not receive an annual statement of account.
  • You have been advised by your bank that in order to obtain the bank account you had to have the additional ‘benefits’.
  • The bank added the cost or additional costs without your knowledge.
  • It was advised that any mortgage application would be hindered if you did not apply for the offered PBA.
  • The bank misled or pressured you into signing up for the account, i.e. they suggested it was an exclusive deal, it was a hard sell, or the costs were not fully explained to you.
  • The bank increased the prices on the packaged bank account and did not notify you that they were going to do so.
  • You have attempted to cancel the account, but it was forced to be kept open at the ‘packaged rates’.
  • You were advised that applying for a packaged bank account, you could improve your existing credit score.

If you have answered YES to any of the points above, contact us today! 

MoneySave Solutions can help you make your claim for financial compensation.

Together, let’s WIN BACK what you are owed.

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Start your PBA Claim

Do not delay start your MoneySave PBA claim today.  Don’t let the bank’s get away with another mis-selling scandal.
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